That's All Folks: Internship Edition

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And just like that, my internships are over. It seems like they just started and now here they are, over.
I've had a great time on the campaigns, working in New York and exploring the city.
I saw some celebrities (Cameron Diaz, John Mulaney) and helped out with two campaigns that were and still are great.
Internships are an amazing experience to have because not only does it tell you what you also tells you what you don't like--which is half the battle of self doubt in college.

As I ended my internships I made sure to do a couple of things
First, I met with my bosses and tied up loose ends. We discussed recommendation letters and references, which is exactly what you need at the end of an internship so that was great.
Second, I wrote thank-you notes. Just as you would thank someone for keeping you at their home or giving you a gift, your boss gave you the internship, so they should be thanked accordingly.
Third, I connected (or am connecting) to people from my internship on FB and Linkedin. Friends on FB, Bosses on Linkedin. Simple as that.

The experiences I've had through my internship have been amazing and while some of the things I did, weren't my favorite, I'm glad I did them to learn.

Greek Week: Bid Day and Beyond

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After a long week, you've made it. It is Bid Day and PNMS and Actives are beyond happy. PNMs can't wait to meet their new sisters and get all "sratty"; Actives can't wait to take a much needed nap. The day starts out with high anticipation, and usually ends with a fun activity and maybe a sleepover. .What isn't to love.
PNMs and Actives alike have so many new people to meet, it may seem overwhelming but just remember that these are your sisters now, the system works and it will work out for the best. As you step away from Bid Day, as school starts, or are thrown into the normal schedule of classes, each group has accomplished something great: making it through recruitment.

At my school, there is a large presentation to the PNMs about how large of a responsibility wearing letters is. The video shows PNMs that the sisterhoods that they will join take their membership seriously and their commitment shouldn't be taken lightly. 
In this vein, here is a little poem I found about sororities, which I believe is extremely timely for Bid Day and beyond.

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While Bid Days are always special, I believe it is the moments beyond Bid Day, that are the most important. Bid Days are beginnings, and sororities are about the entire journey. I am so excited for anyone completing this journey. 
Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday!


Best Summer Reading: 2013

Sometimes I don't get to read as much as I'd like to. Summer break is a great time to read. While I may be headed back to school, most of y'all still have a month left--just enough time to read some of these books.
bo oks

I always love learning more about personal style, especially on a budget, which is why I turned to How to Look Expensive. Talk about knowing everything you could want to know. From best haircuts on a budget to wardrobe essentials, this book is it.
The Financial Lives of the Poets is one of those amazing books where you get inside the character's head, and you see how someone's life could easily be turned upside down. It also showed me that even when you think your life is over, it really isn't.
How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia was one of those books that was everywhere earlier this summer, and believe me it deserves the hype. I read this book in one day because it was just that amazing. Outlining lives in Asia and the effort they must go through to change their circumstances not only tells an amazing story but also gives insight into that part of the world.
I don't know about y'all...but I've never done hard drugs. And I don't really plan on it. However the Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man tells of how one man, in New York City begins smoking crack and how he maintained his everyday life until one day, he couldn't anymore. This is a memoir, which makes the tale even more shocking.
I've been on a classics kick lately, reading books I should've read in class or I just happened to miss.Slaughterhouse-Five is one of those books and I cannot recommend it more simply because its one of those books you just have to read in your life.
Finally, I love movies that are nostalgic for older times (I'm looking at you Dazed and Confused) and the time period that the Virgin Suicides is set in is just lovely. I fell in love with Sofia Coppola's movie so I thought I best read the book. Boy I was right, this book is now one of my favorites.

Any of these books can be read in a month, so what are you waiting for? Go out there are read!

Greek Week: Why I Chose My Chapter

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As the week of recruitment wound down, I began to be faced with what chapter I would eventually call home. I was looking for a place where I knew I would belong, not just because they wanted me, or because their name was known as top tier, but because I connected with the sisters on a personal level and I could see myself being friends with the girls. 
            When I looked back on the chapters I met with, only one stood out to me as one where I had real, legitimate connections. There was only one house where I felt at ease and where everything just seemed to click.

            I had heard some negative things about the chapter. Which is true for every chapter. No sorority has a 100% positive reputation and I made the choice to not believe the hype, but rather, trust my instinct and pick the house where I didn’t have to pretend to be something that I’m not.

            Two years later, I cannot imagine picking another sorority. In fact, I’ve had dreams where I had to pick again, given all the choices, I still picked my chapter because it is where I feel most comfortable. 

            As you go through recruitment, try to find the place where you can be yourself, where you don’t feel judged. Don’t listen to what other people are saying, don’t listen to negative comments about any sorority. Try it out for yourself and remember, trust your gut.

Greek Week: How to Stay Sane

I don't care who you talk to. Recruitment is hard. For PNMs, Actives, Panhellenic Delegates, Advisors, Rho Gammas (rush guides), moms, boyfriends. It is hard for everyone. From nerves the first few days, disappointments that threaten to end your sanity to the lack of sleep for several weeks, it is hard to stay sane during the week before and during Recruitment. After a year on both sides, I'm going to offer some advice

Ladies get your game faces on. You can do this. You go first for the advice because a) you are probably leaving soonish and b) work week+ recruitment = rough

Here we go:
Move in day, make sure you take priority. Put your recruitment clothes and work week clothes away. Make your bed. Unpack your makeup. Find your underwear. This is all you need to survive. Don't worry about making your room a Srat Castle. You can do this when you have time.
Set alarms. Set many alarms. Keep lists. Staying organized is the key to not forgetting your pin or something the day of.
Drink a ton of water. It is hot this time of year. It is good for your complexion. What's not to love?
Be compassionate. Is your sister acting crazy? Maybe but consider the fact that she is on matching, has been given way to many responsibilities and just try to be nice.
If you cry- it is okay. Most people do. You aren't a freak. This is a challenging time. Just breathe, read a book, watch a tv show. Breathe. You can survive these two weeks.
Wow you are in college! Going through recruitment! Good for you. This is going to be an amazing and unique experience. The next week of so will fly by and that's okay. It's okay to become overwhelmed. It.Is.Okay.

Try to sleep before the first night (easier said than done).

If you spill your drink don't worry, no one is going to hold is against you (promise).

Do not discuss your choices with people. Keep it to yourself because this is your own personal journey. 
You are not the person next to you and if they are trying to compare with you, remember its apples and oranges and its hard to compare two different things.

Keep an open mind in every house. You are not even a college freshman. You are not better than anyone else on campus. Sorry.

If you are totally crushed by not getting a house you want on a day. Do not stop going through. So many girls want to drop out after they don't get a house, but honestly trust the system (I know, I know). It works. Promise.

Do not believe actives who say "See you tomorrow", "I want you to be my little" or "You are going to love being in our sorority" etc. They have no control over their promises. Treat it like a UFO sighting.
If you don't get what you want on Bid Day. This sucks but happens. It's okay to be heartbroken but remember a chapter wants you and is excited to have you. Go and try it out for a couple of weeks. It won't kill you and hey, maybe you will love it.

If you cry- it is okay. Most people do/ will. You aren't a freak. This is a challenging time. Just breathe, read a book, watch a tv show. Breathe.

Ladies. These are challenging weeks ahead. I am 100% confident that we can all make it through in one piece. I will try to update as much as I can once I get to school and in the thick of it, but I will also be dedicating my time to staying sane. Taking deep breaths, reading books, thinking about what I am doing and how in a couple of weeks, this will be all behind me. So get some sleep, relax, and drop me a comment. 

How do you stay sane during recruitment times?