Attention Seekers 11/13/2013

Here are some things that have been grabbing my attention recently. 
Links, recipes, instas, that I love all in one place.

1.  The Study Buddy mix by mor-iarty on 8tracks
Forget my iTunes, my Spotify, this playlist is my jam.

2. She Reads Truth

I've been rediscovering my faith recently, a large part thanks to She Reads Truth, a online devotional group that is Pinterest pretty (aesthetics matter let's not get it twisted), while delivering a great message. Nothing too preachy, and all very low key-- 100% my style.

3. Camp Brand Goods Instagram

Camp Brand Goods is a boutique clothing outfitter but while I haven't gotten anything from the shop yet, I'm straight up obsessed with their instagram. How beautiful are these pictures?

I just love good little things that help make my day a little more fun or beautiful. What's been seeking y'alls attention recently?

Parle Vous...?

So in this day and age, you can't just know English. You can't. No one wants to hire someone who can speak just one language, especially in politics. And I'll be frank, languages aren't my friend, 
English, totally fine. Got that one down.Spanish? 10 years later still struggling a littleFrench: 1 semester down and I'm just like ehhh no...So what's a girl to do?

Duolingo is a great website/app that helps you learn languages on your own time in a fun, easy way for free. Totally 100% free. Not pay later, free trial, but free.
Right now the languages are limited, but regardless, the site is great because I can brush up on my Spanish while also trying out German.
Go ahead, try it out if you are trying to learn a new language or improve your current skills.

What've you got to lose?

Embracing Stress

It's that time of the semester. Things are getting stressful and busy. As the semester winds down it just seems like everything is going at warp speed, and I can't be happier about.

Yup. You heard that right. I'm loving the busy, the stress. I relish in the fact I have to go, go, go all day and get to crash into bed. Sure being tired is awful, but when I'm this busy and this stressed, it makes the times when I don't have much to do (hello after Wednesday night) all the sweeter. 

So, I'm off to work on a couple of speeches and nurse a new cold that I've gotten in the past 24 hours #cool 

Embrace the stress,