I have survived: Recruitment 2013

I am beyond happy to get back to y'all. I am so sorry I was gone for two weeks, but honestly, it would've been impossible to post. But now that Work Week and Recruitment are ovaaa I can get back to business. Bid Day is today and I am BEYOND excited to see our new girlies rocking our letters. I promise to upload a pic of the new pledge class but before I can get that to y'all, check out some picks from this week!
Our AMAZING new composite!

Fishtails and Frat Tanks.
Ipda enjoyed learning about Pref conversation from our Formal Recruitment Chair
Our Bid Day banner, crafted by yours truly!
Love y'all so much! Have a good weekend! 

Off to the Lone Star State

I'm headed to Texas today! Two suitcases each weighing 50lb, 7 Boxes and two carry-ons later, I think I have everything. The next two weeks will be so crazy, but I promise to update y'all and keep up with blog posts. Have a good Saturday!