Greek Week: Social Media--Clean it Up

Typically my Greek Week series is just a week long, but I think this is a topic that really can't be ignored; social media and it's importance in Recruitment.This applies mostly to girls who are senior in High School who think they will go through recruitment in Summer/Fall of 2014. Despite that, I think everyone can learn a little about being discreet online.

Sorority Greek Week: Social Media Edition

Girls, as soon as you commit to a school, deposit the check, get the sweatshirt, put your social media accounts on private. I cannot stress this enough. If they weren't on private during the college process (and it's beyond me why everyones accounts are private all the time) then turn it on private now. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard of (and experienced) potential new members being cut if they are a "standards risk". I am all in favor of having a fun summer before college (whatever you consider that to be) but it doesn't mean you should be sharing it with the world. You will be a very different person in college than you will be in person. Why not start your college experience with a truly blank slate.

If you are rushing a sorority, applying to college, getting a job...whatever, there should be no signs of any illegal activity throughout your social media presence. No vines, instas, tweets, etc of anything incriminating...that isn't just  being safe; it's being smart.

Each one of you has something amazing to offer to any sorority that you accept a bid from, but your words and connections during the recruitment process should be the only thing speaking for you; not your online life

Do not accept friend requests, twitter follows, etc from actives of a sorority if you are a PNM. Really, I know it's flattering but it's just plain creepy and well, it's weird. Imagine if the Dean of Admissions friended you when you put in your application. A) it's weird B)What if you don't go or get into that school #awkward

Same goes for requests from older girls. It's against Panhellenic rules, they can get in trouble and you could be involved, so just treat those requests like a UFO. You don't need to deny them (they could eventually be your sisters), but just leave them in FB Purgatory until you can figure out what to do with them.

So in short, keep your online identity private and only accept requests from people you actually know. I know this can seem a little obvious but everyone needs reminders from time to time.

As usual, I'm always available if y'all have recruitment or sorority questions.
Have a wonderful day!