Update on 1001 in 100: Summer Plans

Now don't think I forgot about my 1001 in 100
I've got updates on update for y'all, but I'll start at the top
I've gotten an internship!
Well I got an internship back on Spring Break when I was in California with the company I had been interviewing with for ages. I will be writing and running their marketing all summer which is going to be so great. I get class credit for it, plus I got an internship scholarship so I'm basically getting paid to get credit, how cool is that?

I start work on Tuesday, so I'll find out then if I can talk about where I'm working. Last summer with the campaigns I couldn't say where I was working, what I was doing or who I was working for....maybe this summer it can be less secretive.

But for the rest of the summer I expect to be plugged in, on that social medial grind. I can't wait to tell y'all how my first day goes! Cheers to accomplishing a goal!