BELATED: Santa Baby...

xmas haul

xmas haul by pearlsandpolisci featuring an eau de perfume

Well, after getting Pearls & Political Science ready for the move, and then actually moving the site, I completely forgot to share with y'all what I got for Christmas. Christmas is such a special time that we can spend with out families and while it isn't really about the presents, the inevitable question comes up of "What did you get?"

Well I must have been very good this year or Santa got the wrong house because I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas. I got a J.McLaughlin Large Sail Cloth Duffle with my monogram on it, Beach by Bobbi Brown perfume, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris and monogram stud earrings! I also got a quilt made out of my old t-shirts from high school. Once I can figure out how to take a picture of it, I will be sure to! It is so cozy and such a beautiful keepsake.

I hope everyone got what they wanted this Holiday season (Hanukah seems like ages ago!) and if you didn't then maybe you got some gift cards or you can drop some serious hints come birthday time.

What did y'all get for Christmas?