Learning to Love Something New

Hey there!
Well, I am back at school, and I've finally gotten in to the swing of things. It has taken longer than I thought, but it has finally happened. I'm in a new department this semester (I've essentially finished my Political Science degree #crazy) and now I'm working on my second major, Writing. I'm taking 4 English classes, and this is the first time I'm not in a Poli Sci class since my freshmen year.

I've been working on getting to know my professors, their teaching styles, expectations as well as my classmates. This semester is definitely stretching my comfort zone, especially in my poetry writing workshop (not my forte). I know working on honing my writing skills will help me in the future, especially with all the writing I'll be doing, but it doesn't mean I'm loving it.

It's too early to say I dislike my classes, but they certainly aren't what I'm used to. No longer are my classes filled with current events, statistics and theories; they are now filled with literature, primary source documents and insightful discussions. I miss the familiarity of my Political Science classes, but I think this semester will be a great lesson in learning how to love something new.