Oprah's Key to Greatness

Everyone thinks they have the secret to success. From not procrastinating to a special schedule or a certain planner, people attribute their success to a variety of things. When it comes to success, there is one lady who's opinion I trust: Oprah.

Now would be the time where I go into Oprah's accomplishments, but Oprah is a cultural icon and most people know at least something that she has accomplished. From her talk-show empire, to acting in great films like The Color Purple and The Butler, everything she touches seems to turn to goal. So when Oprah offers her advice to success I'm all ears-- let's see what she has to say
Img via World of A and O by Stacey Bendet
Think...like...a...queen...easier said than done. Not being afraid of failure? I don't know about y'all but I hate the idea of failure...it just doesn't feel comfortable. But just because this idea is strange to me and maybe even uncomfortable, doesn't mean I'm not going to take Oprah's words to heart in 2014.
Maybe a queen doesn't have to be psyched to fail, but is okay with it when it happens; accepts it as a sign of progress. From working on research, applying to internships or even getting a bad grade on an essay, I see how I can apply Oprah's advice to my life.

How can you be a queen in your life during 2014?