More Than Just Sweater Weather

So wow. Talk about cold. This weather is just...freezing. That's all I can say. One of those that raws you to the bone, makes you want to stay in bed, watch T.V. and drink cocoa. About a month back right before winter break, certain parts of Texas had this insane ice storm and I seemed like one of the few people actually prepared (who would've guessed?). So incase you encounter some nasty winter weather this year, I've provided my six winter essentials.


My Six Winter Essentials

1. Winter Leggings by American Apparel
These leggings are the absolute best. Not quite fleece, but not quite cotton (Terry-cloth to be exact), these leggings are super warm without getting that gross feeling some fleece pants give off. I bought one pair on a whim when they were on sale last word: yummy

2. BDG Oversized Sweater at Urban Outfitters
Cable Knit sweaters are back in a big way and it is so difficult to find one that isn't crazy expensive. I love luxury, but I'm not fixing to throw down a couple of hundred dollars on a sweater I'm going to wear when I'm looking shambly. This sweater is a perfect substitute. Great to wear over a t-shirt with leggings (oh hello #1), it's perfect to wear to class

3. Waffle Circle Scarf at J.Crew
Oh c' I really need a reason for this yummy thing?

4. VS Sport Headbands
Typically I'm a huge fan of Lululemon headbands but I'm really not feeling the color selection this season. VS Sport headbands are a wonderful substitute. There colors + doing just what I need= Perfection

5. REI Tech Compatible Gloves
Okay every girl in the cold needs these. Most people have a touch screen something (iPhone, iPad, Kindle whatever) and the hassle of taking your gloves off for a quick selfie or switching pages makes these gloves the best. Staying warm and staying in the loop? Win-win

6. Swivel Stick by Palmer's Cocoa Butter
I've seriously saved the best for last. This stuff looks like a glue stick, smells like cocoa and feels like the best moisturizer in the world. I use this for dry spots on my nose, my perpetually dry lips and even dry elbows. This is seriously the best stuff especially during harsh, dry, winter weather.

So there it is, my top 6 winter essentials. Everything you might need (other than a warm coat) to brave the elements, but I would just prefer to stay in bed all the same.