Attention Seekers February 18th: The Good, Bad and Beautiful

Long time no see y'all! took a lot longer than I anticipated getting back into my "school" routine. The days have been flying by and I still don't really feel like I know what I'm doing. I do know enough though that it's time for me to get back to doing what I love: blogging on Pearls & Political Science. I've missed y'all so much and I am just so happy I am back and I really hope that y'all will get excited for what I have in store for the rest of the year.

To get back into the swing of things, I want to show you what have been my "Attention Seekers" for the past several weeks. Sit back, relax and get ready for "Attention Seekers": The Good, Bad and Beautiful Edition

1. Dale Partridge
Dale Partridge is founder of and all around great guy. He writes blog posts daily about living life the way it should be lived, and how to get the most out of life experiences (from the large to the seemingly insignificant. Recently he's discussed topics that include, 5 Timeless Secrets to a Perfect Life3 Hard Truths About Liars and 3 Acts of Bravery That Could Change Your 2014.
Partridge's blog is the electronic equivalent to a cup of tea. It warms you, energizes you and comforts you all at the same time.

For this next one, what I mean by "bad" is that it is bad how many times I've listened to the same song.

Drunk in Love by Beyoncé
This track slays on its own. Easy. But then everyone and their mom decided they needed to make it better by making a remix. I'm talking everyone. Kanye, The Weeknd, T.I., Diplo. You name them, they remixed it. But I don't care. They are all amazing and I could listen for days on end. I think someone wise once said, "We accept the Drunk in Love remixes we think we deserve" and I couldn't agree more. I think we deserve all of them, so I accept all of them. Check'em out!

Finally, The Beautiful.
I was ULTA the other day and a something blue caught my eye....well Hello Sailor!
Y'all must think that I've lost my mind, but Hello Sailor by Lipstick Queen is really a God-send. Recently in fashion, My Lips But Better has been so popular and I never really knew what to do, how to figure out how to get it. This bad boy knows exactly what to do. Extremely sheer, Hello Sailor is all you need to wear day or night lips-wise to feel glamorous and while style hydrating your pout.
Check it out for yourself. This is what Hello Sailor looks like on!

So there it is, the Good, Bad and Beautiful and I am again so, so, so happy to back with y'all to talk what about what really matters: Lifestyle and the Politics that enable us to life that lifestyle.